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Masala omellete

Different kinds of omelette [Easy Omelette Recipes]

Who doesn’t like a good omelette? Waking up in the morning rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, the first thought that comes to your mind is, “What should I eat?” Eggs are a staple for breakfast so you scroll your mind thinking about how to cook an egg. Omelette and scrambled eggs cross your thoughts the most because they are the only options that

fruit salad

Fruit Salad Wonders you need to know [Indian Recipes ]

Classic Fruit Salad Wonders you need to know This late spring exemplary dessert is a basic blend of tender natural product sprinkled with a brilliant lime and cream and honey dressing. It’s delightfully sweet, energizing on hot days, and an unquestionable requirement for picnics, parties, and sea days. It is the best natural product contain servings of mixed greens and juicy fruits. Of course, you

chicken tikka ingredients

Best Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe to Tickle Your Taste Buds

What is Chicken Tikka Masala? Chicken tikka masala is an aromatic dish made up of a spice curry sauce. This delicious dish was originated in India. Chicken tikka is basically the chunks of chicken (boneless), marinated in spices and yogurt and cooked in a creamy tomato gravy. The chicken is fried and then added to the masala. The history of the invention of this delicious

tandoori chicken curry

Tandoori Chicken Recipe: 4 Easy Methods!

  Tandoori Chicken Recipe is popular for its juicy, delicious, and spicy taste. It is a healthy and easy-to-make at-home too. Tandoori Chicken recipe can be made of a whole chicken or chicken breasts, legs, or different pieces of chicken. The Role of Pandemic in Healthy Food Concept Covid-19 has changed the perception of people regarding many issues and one of them is related to

Saag simple

Sarson-Saag paneer (sarson ka saag) – The Punjabi delicacy

Introduction Traveling down memory lane, we, the people of the sub-continent have a deep connection with native food. The food originating from the villages makes our taste bud tingle and it is difficult for us to hold our hands back and stop digging into that delicious food before us. One of the dishes that brings our memory back and we recall the smell, the taste,

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