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Dosa- A south Indian recipe and ultimate combination of flavors

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A dosa is a small flapjack or crepe which is starting from South India and produced using a fermented batter comprising of lentils and rice. It is to some degree like a crepe but flavours are for the most important part.

plain dosa

Masala recipe

This exemplary Masala recipe formula makes an entirely light, delicate and fresh recipe loaded down with a flavorful, magnificently spiced potato and onion filling. Although, it may require some extra ingredients to make a heavenly lodging style masala recipe, yet I guarantee it will be simpler than you might suspect and is so worth the work.

masala dosa


  • rice (boiled)
  • dark Gram
  • fenugreek seeds
  • salt
  • Oil (for cooking)

For the Masala

  • potatoes (stripped and cubed), boiled
  • onions, cut
  • green chilies
  • oil
  • mustard seeds
  • Curry leaves
  • salt
  • turmeric, powdered
  • water


Step 1

Firstly, grind both dal and rice separately in smooth mixture. Add salt and water to add taste and maintain consistency.

Step 2

Heat up tawa for cooking. Sprinkle little oil and put some batter evenly in round movement.

Step 3

When edges begin to cook a little, Put prepared masala in the middle, and overlay the two edges over.

Set up the masala filling

Step 1

Now, Heat the oil in a pan and add all the vegetables gradually. Finally, add the potatoes and the water, and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Spicy masala is ready.

Popular dosa recipe

An irreplaceable South Indian work of art, dosa is general in India. Simply a chomp of those slender, wafer-like recipes stacked with flavorful masalas transports you to paradise.

The excellence of this dish is-it is a particularly flexible dish. Moreover, you can change the main ingredient, the toppings just as the base flour from which it is made, and it can make life surprisingly yummy for any cheap food.

popular recipe


  • urad lentils
  • Chana dal
  • basmati rice
  • fenugreek seeds
  • Vegetable oil


Step 1

Firstly, wash every one of the fixings, except for the oil, three or multiple times. Firstly wash each ingredient many times.

Step 2

Secondly, put them in a grinder to make a mixture. Your mixture should be finely glued and without any granules. Moreover, consistency should also be maintained. If you feel the mixture is thick add some water. Then put hitter for some time to maintain its consistency. You can keep this mixture for future use too.

Step 3

Now, heat tawa for a little time and sprinkle water over it. Use tissue paper to absorb excess oil.

Step 4

Now spread the batter over tawa with the help of the spatula. For accuracy start from middle to edges. Pour oil from the edges. When one side cook turns it with the help of a spatula and cooks the other. Serve hot.


Calories in dosa 

Dosa in south India is mainstream standard worldwide under different names like pancakes, crepes, chillas every so often even Mexican tortillas. However there are various assortments in the south Indian Dosa like masala, plain, paneer, and Palak, which rely on the stuffing used.

It is delivered utilizing a combination of rice and dim gram dal. Albeit maturing is essential since proteins and minerals become ingestible and light on the stomach. Yet at the same time, get it far from becoming exhausting, it is made with an assortment of fillings.

The most renowned is masala one-masala being a dry potato curry. Potato curry is made with diced potatoes, cut onion, masala and getting ready.

In addition, masala dosa is a low-calorie, nutritious victory that is light on the stomach and ideal for individuals with diabetes. A diabetic eating routine layout has various constraints for a sugar patient. Its calories check qualifies as being consumable.low caloric breakfast

Masala dosa calories and nutrition facts 

  • Calories from Fat 0.33%
  • Calories nil
  • Absolute Fat 0.37%
  • Immersed Fat 0.05%
  • Potassium 0.76%
  • Absolute Carbohydrates 0.29%
  • Dietary Fiber 0.09%
  • Sugars 0.001%
  • Protein 0.39%

Nutrients in masala dosa (per kg) 

  • Nutrient A 1g
  • Nutrient C 6g
  • Calcium 4g
  • Iron 47g

Coconut chutney calories and nutrition facts

  • Calories from Fat 0.007%
  • Absolute Fat 0.001%
  • Immersed Fat 0.001g
  • Absolute Carbohydrates 0.001%
  • Dietary Fiber nil
  • Sugars nil
  • Protein nil

with serving sauces

Dosa tawa

A dosa Tawa additionally known as a Tava, or tapa is the name for a cooking utensil. They are normally utilized across Asia, however, can be found in the food of the Balkans and surprisingly the Caribbean.

Although, you can utilize a Tawa to cook dishes, for example, moving the vegetables or meat around the container with a vibrant movement. Moreover, what is strange about Tawas is that we would see it, something that makes them exceptionally flexible and enjoyable to utilize.

Thusly, a transformed Tawa can be utilized to make tasty bread, like flatbreads or chapattis because they are something beyond the container. Moreover, in numerous families across Asia, a very much made and all around focused on tawa is a family legacy, used to take care of friends and family for some ages.


Base Material 

The work of art, Tawa is produced using cast dark iron. A dosa tawa is a level or inward plate moulded skillet or frying pan, generally made of cast iron, aluminium, or carbon steel and it might be plated or given a non-stick surface.

But many others are produced using various materials and appropriate for various employments. Just as iron Tawas, we sell Tawas produced using copper or tempered steel, just as non-stick.

Moreover, they have customary sizes like exemplary sunken Tawa in sizes 16″ to 30″, for certain sizes in the middle accessible without handles. While square, tempered steel Tawas in sizes 10″ to 24″, and compliment, non-leave Tawas in a scope of various breadths with handles like a griddle.

Functional value

It is also utilized to sauté vegetables. This skillet is additionally incredible for cooking meat, which should be possible in a couple of various ways. Moreover, one approach to cooking this on a Tawa is to sear little, put the batter in warmed oil, utilizing metal utensils to scratch it around the corners of the skillet. Keep the batter for some time first for a magnificent, full flavour.

Bread, especially flatbreads or chapattis, are regularly cooked utilizing a Tawa. Moreover, pita bread, naan, saj bread, roti, chapatti, paratha, dosa. In Pakistan, huge raised saj are utilized to cook a few pieces of bread simultaneously or to make rumali roti.

crispy dosa

Crispy dosa

Make very fresh crispy Dosa with this simple mixture at home. Moreover, this is a one-bowl batter that is made utilizing a rapid blender and afterwards stores in the instant pot.


Urad dal, Salt, refined oil, parboiled rice, onion


Step 1

Firstly, wash dal finely and soak them in water overnight. Then put it in a blender and make a mixture. The mixture should be clear and smooth and free from granules. Moreover, its consistency should be maintained. If you feel thickness add some water.

Step 2

Now add spices of your own choice in the batter. Spices will add flavour as well as colour to your dosa. After this put mixture aside for hours for ripening. The smell will indicate its maturation.

Step 3

Put tawa on flame and oil. Put piyaz in oil. Actually, piyaz has another advantage that it adds the non-stickiness of tawa too.


Now shower water over tawa to lower its temperature. Spread batter over tawa in round movement equally. Add oil from the edges and allow it to cook from both sides. Finally, serve this hot with Sāmbhar and green chutney of your choice.

crispy and crunchy

Additional Fun 

  • You can add you’re preferred filling to this fresh plain one.
  • Ensure you let the batter appropriately for something like 6 hours. 

Indian dosa

An appropriately made fresh and appetizing Indian one is brilliantly scrumptious and genuinely easy to make at home. The batter should be rested for the time being for the right surface and essential sharp flavour.

When the mixture is prepared, it very well may be refrigerated and saved for a few days, even seven days. Moreover, a customary hot potato filling makes an ideal vegan dish.


For dosa batter

  • short-grain rice
  • urad dal
  • fenugreek seeds
  • salt
  • Vegetable oil

Stuffing material

  • ground ginger
  • curry leaves
  • garlic cloves, minced
  • green chillies
  • yellow-fleshed potatoes

traditional south Indian dosa


Step 1

Firstly, grind both dal and rice separately in a smooth mixture. Add salt and water to add taste and maintain consistency.

Step 2

Heat up tawa for cooking. Sprinkle little oil and put some batter evenly in a round movement.

Step 3

When edges begin to cook a little, Put prepared masala in the middle, and overlay the two edges over.

Frying method

Step 1

For meagre put ghee in a tawa over medium warmth.

Step 2

When onions start softening, add salt and other tastes. In the next step, add potatoes and water. Mash them with the help of a spoon. Masala is ready.

Step 3

Now assembled them. Firstly, place dosa and add fillings over it and smoothly spread it. After a moment roll it and serve hot.


If you want, you can change the number of ingredients and maturation time of your formula too.


Here is a straightforward yet heavenly crepe batter that can be made in minutes. It’s produced by using ingredients that everybody has in his pantry.



  • flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • water
  • salt
  • dissolved butter


Stage 1 

Firstly, in a large pot, mix together the first two ingredients. Slowly include the liquid items to knead it. Add the salt and spread and beat well.

Stage 2 

Then, heat up the oil and put some batter in a round movement.

Stage 3 

Finally, cook the crepe until well brown. Present hot with sauces.

Ferment batter

Dosa is a crepe, the batter is made out of rice and urad dal. This is a famous South Indian breakfast dish. Crushed rice and urad dal batter can be kept in the Instant pot in a yoghurt setting for 8 to 10 hours.

Following 10 hours, you will have an amazingly mixture and you can make a fresh one.

diet dosa


  • rice
  • Urad dal or Black lentil
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Ghee


Step 1

Firstly, in a bowl, take rice and soak them overnight. Similarly, in another bowl take dal add fenugreek seed and soak them overnight.

Step 2

After that, grind both ingredients and make a batter. grind dal separately in a machine. Consistency should be maintained.

Step 3

The next step is taking a bowl and mix both batters and mix them with hands. It will allow to remove extra air bubbles and make the hitter smoother. Cover with lid and put aside for ripening.

Step 4

After 10 hours, add spices to your hitter. It will make it tasteful. You can store it in the fridge also for further use.

Step 5

Now, heat tawa for a little time and sprinkle water over it. Use tissue paper to absorb excess oil.

Step 6

Now spread the batter over tawa with the help of a spatula. For accuracy start from middle to edges. Pour oil from the edges. When one side cook turns it with the help of a spatula and cooks the other. Serve hot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Junk food is food that is low in dietary benefit, high in fat, sodium, calories, regularly delivered in bundled packaging having practically no arrangement, with additive fixings and added substances to upgrade the visual charm. It incorporates pre-bundled food varieties like potato chips, confections, cakes, burgers, chocolates and frozen yoghurts. Shockingly, the dosa is not considered healthy. Cardiologist states that it is low-quality nourishment because it contains a blend of potato and spreads like mayonnaise and butter makes it high on calories. The dosa presented with margarine/mayonnaise is again high on calories and fat however low on nourishment. A barbecued sandwich is unquestionably a superior option in contrast to a margarine loaded dosa.

Not. In any case, dosa is a perfect breakfast choice for individuals who need to keep a mind on their fat interval. A high measure of soaked fat expands the danger of heart sicknesses and various other medical conditions. Dosa is low on fat, which makes them a sound and safe breakfast choice.

A dosa is a slim flapjack or crepe, beginning from South India. It is to some degree like a crepe by all accounts. The simple plain dosa is incredible as far as surface, taste, and flavours. You essentially can't stop at only one. While Paper dosa is produced using similar rice and dal matured batter and spread uniformly like a far flapjack or a crepe on a thick and weighty lined dish. Masala dosa is full of spices and has fillings contain potatoes

Dosa is a treat for your taste bud. Ready from rice and lentils, it is matured breakfast alternative, which makes it simple for your body to adjust and process it. You can also utilize some other items rather than rice like oats or raw to change the taste and carbohydrate level of dosa. Moreover, being a healthy dinner, dosa keeps you full for a long time. Dosa is additionally an incredible mixture of solid carbs. Consequently, your body is provided with the important energy that you need to remain fiery all through the day. Dosa and Sāmbhar both are produced using lentils, which give a decent measure of protein to your body. You can also add more dal and less rice when making the batter. Remember to incorporate coconut chutney as it gives solid fats, proteins, minerals, and nutrients to your body.

It is a staple dish in the South Indian provinces of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is likewise famous in different pieces of India, just as different nations like Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.

Dosa is the Anglicized name of an assortment of South Indian names for the dish, for instance, dosai in Tamil, the portion in Kannada and dosha in Malayalam. a dosa is a fresh appetizing hotcake.

The above all else diet proposal made for weight reduction is to switch rice-based food varieties with wheat-based food. There must be a justification for this boundless advice. Dietary Information for one serving Dosa Chapatti Calories 72.25 76.57 Fat 0.37 1.77 Protein 2.73 0.98 Carbs 14.50 14.18 Dietary Fiber 2.50 0.13 Calcium 6.80 4.94 Iron 0.78 0.82 Magnesium 9.70 Thus, as indicated by the above chart, Chapatti wins in this fight against the dosa. Moreover, an astounding reality additionally comes into the notification that with regards to the glucose levels, dosa is marginally better compared to Idli.

A solid breakfast alternative, like dosa, contains the best measure of fat (and can be made in ghee too) sound good. The amount of sugar in the dosa give you the energy required in a day. The masala dosa is low-quality nourishment. The reason is it is a blend of potato and margarine makes it high on calories. In India, an item that contains under 0.2 grams of Trans fats per serving, is viewed as trans-fat free according to sanitation standards. The calorific content of masala dosa is 1,023 kcal, while the daily requirement of a human being stands at around 2,200 kcal. So generally masala dosa is good for health.

Idli dosa is indeed quite possibly the best Indian snack that can even assist in weight loss. It makes probably the best food to decrease weight. Idli are steamed. They are not fried in swelling oil or covered over with margarine. Since the oil content in Idli is so less, the calories content is generally low. Idli is exceptionally simple to process. All food sources that are oil-free are normally simple to process. Oil-free food varieties empower better breakdown of minerals and nutrients in our body, which helps in processing.

It's standard in the Indian culture to eat Dosa with your hands. People like to remove it and eat it in little chomps. In case it's presented with a plunge or chutney, you can detach pieces and dunk it into the plunge or sauce before eating, or you can leave it entirely and plunge as you can.

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