How to Make Malai Kofta

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To make malai kofta, you first need to cook the potatoes. Drain any water that may have accumulated. Next, mix the paneer and remaining ingredients. Add 1/4 cup of cream and half a cup of water. When the mixture is well-combined, add raisins and cashews. Continue cooking until the kofta is golden brown. Remove from the oil and serve immediately.

The next step is to prepare the sauce. This should be sieved and then cooked until the consistency of a thick ghee. To make it silky smooth, add the baking soda and let it cook. If you’re using an Air Fryer, it’s best to use a little less baking soda to prevent disintegration. It’s important to keep this in mind when making malai kofta.

The first step is to prepare the paneer and cottage cheese mixture. It’s important to choose the right cheese because it makes the koftas softer. Indians use paneer because it is firmer than super-firm tofu. You can also use mashed potato or any other combination of these. Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll want to make sure you follow the recipe exactly.

Once you have a base for your kofta sauce, you’ll need to add the ground vegetables. These vegetables should be lightly browned before the vegetables are added. Then, add your spices and tomatoes. After the onions have softened, add the spices and water. Saute until the mixture starts to bubble. Once you’ve achieved the right consistency, you’re ready to assemble the Malai kofta.

Then, you’ll need to make the sauce. After mixing all of the ingredients together, the potatoes should be lightly mashed. You’ll want it to be thick and fluffy. You’ll need about half a cup of mashed potato for the sauce. When you’re finished, you’ll want to stir the sauce in. You can also add a little water to make it a little thinner.

You can divide the process between days if you like. This recipe can be made ahead of time and served as leftovers the next day. For maximum flavor, keep it refrigerated for at least two days before serving. If you prefer to make your own Malai kofta, you can even freeze it for later. Just make sure to store it properly. It will last for several days if you freeze it in an airtight container.

When making Malai kofta, you will need to prepare it a few days before you serve it to your guests. After making your malai koftas, you should put them in the fridge for up to three days. You can also divide the process into two parts. Moreover, the preparation of the sauce can be split into two or more days if you use it regularly.

You can serve your Malai kofta separately or with a gravy. You can serve your koftas separately or with the gravy. If you are serving it to guests, keep the gravy warm. Ensure that the kofta is not soggy. The sauce will make it more flavorful. There are several ways to serve this dish. You can also reheat it for several hours if you want to save some for later.

In a deep skillet, heat the oil until it is hot. Then, place the koftas in the pan. This will allow them to brown slightly. You can also cook your koftas in the oven or on a stovetop. Then, wait for the meat to cook until the center is no longer pink. If you use a steaming method, make sure to turn the koftas to brown a golden brown color.

To make a malai kofta with chicken, you can set the Instant Pot to sauté mode. If you are using a stove top, you can set it to sauté. You can serve your kofta with rice or naan and a side of gravy. You can add fresh cilantro or crushed fenugreek leaves to your kofta.

After you have preheat the pan with the oil, prepare the koftas. You should divide the dough into equal portions. Shape each ball into a lemon-sized ball. Once each kofta is formed, press a thumb impression into the middle with a fork. Once you are finished, you can seal each kofta in an oval or round shape. Then, deep-fry them.

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